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What shoes are paired with jeans?

white sneakers

Jeans are versatile, in fact, with any shoes are not a problem!
Even with formal leather shoes, it doesn’t matter!
The key is what is your current moment, what kind of temperament you want to distribute!
There are only two types of jeans in my eyes, one is blue jeans and the other is black jeans!

jeans Looks

Jeans with white casual shoes

For blue jeans, more will be biased towards the direction of literary temperament.
So I usually wear jeans with a white shirt, or a white T-shirt, and then paired with a pair of white casual shoes.
Express this literary temperament to the extreme!
Of course, jeans are also divided into lengths!
For trousers, it is generally worn in spring and autumn, with the unique literary temperament of spring and autumn.
It will make this literary feeling stronger and more superimposed!
For shorts, of course, it is usually worn in the summer!
This time with a white shirt and white casual shoes, it is a refreshing feeling, has the effect of cooling!
After all, we all know that white has a cooling effect!

Jeans with Loafers (lazy shoes)

Lazy shoes are also a good choice!
However, wearing lazy shoes requires some attention, otherwise it is easy to be spit by girls!
Because the lazy shoes have large mouths, they are not suitable for direct contact with jeans.
So the length of the jeans should be controlled! Either short jeans. Either just curling the jeans will look better!

Jeans with canvas shoes

In addition, canvas shoes are also a common partner for jeans!
Jeans with small white shoes is a sense of art.
And with canvas shoes, it is a typical sense of leisure! There is a feeling of backpackers!

Jeans with sneakers

Of course, the least worthy of jeans is the sneakers!
However, sneakers with jeans should also pay attention to the length of jeans!
Because we are still students, they are basically jeans with sneakers.
At that time, I often liked to pile up my jeans on my sneakers.
This is really not good!
So separating the shoes from the jeans will give you a better impression of what you deserve.

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