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What Color Shoes do You Wear?

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What color shoes do you wear

Wearing is a matter of learning, and the color matching starts with shoes. The color of a pair of good shoes is the taste of wearing, so it is important to like the color of a pair of shoes.

Three rules of shoe color matching

1. When the color changes from the inside to the outside, the most middle color is the brightest, it looks good but the senses are not comfortable after a long time;
2. The matching of adjacent colors is generally more comfortable than the matching of the corresponding colors;
3. The color matching between the inner and outer rings of different purity will make the picture unbalanced, resulting in a light and heavy feeling;

The main points of shoe color matching

1: The color of the middle of the color wheel is the brightest, and the choice is very good. It is recommended not to be the main color, as appropriate as an embellishment;
2: Avoid using contrast colors and use more adjacent colors;
3: If it is not intentional, use a combination of similar purity to avoid top-heavy or vice versa. Of course you can also deliberately do it.
4. Neutral colors (black, white, gray) are more versatile. When you get started, use black and white ash as the main color to balance the picture, so the easiest and most error-free;

The most crucial point of collocation is the aesthetic problem. “Look more, try more”, know more about how to take it.

So, let’s introduce some of the shoes that are very good for clothes, don’t miss it!


White Shoes

Speaking of what color shoes are good for clothes, it is white to introduce to everyone. Really white shoes are definitely the most versatile, no matter what color pants you wear, with a pair of white shoes, always look very stylish.

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Black Shoes

The color of the shoes that make good clothes is black except for white. This versatile classic color of black is very common in everyday life. However, white is more versatile than black, and the effect will be better.

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Grey shoes

Grey is very close to white, so it will be a very versatile color.
Light grey shoes are very good for clothes. Generally speaking, light colors are more versatile. Whether it is dark-colored clothes or clothes that are also light-colored, there is no sense of disobedience.

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Blue Shoes

It belongs to a kind of deep blue, and the blues are more black, so blue and black are very versatile.
Blue shoes can be easily matched with any color of clothes, because the blue is very black, deep and plain color, very versatile and not picky.

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Wine Shoes

The wine red is a wine-like color, which belongs to the dark color, and the color tone looks as deep as the blue color. The burgundy shoes can be easily matched with a variety of colors, and the colors look harmonious, with a more eye-catching color, more visual impact.

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