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Aj30’s upper uses a variety of methods, knitting, weaving and other techniques make the shoes and feet more fit. The midsole technology is more complete, and the flightspeed also provides a new grip system for the outsole. The upper is made of an asymmetrical design, which is more secure in protecting the ankle. The technical content of the whole pair of shoes is very sufficient. In addition, the midsole is the best design of aj30.



The hexagonal Hexagonal Zoom Air is still the midsole technology of James’ signature shoe collection in recent years. The design of the inner boot is a breakthrough. The design of the heel tpu makes the shoes more stable. Unlike the cumbersome impression of the previous Zhanhuang sneakers, the lebron14 is lighter and the thickness of the air cushion is more satisfying.

Eva midsole, genuine carbon plate, heel is still the design of the tpu support bar, forefoot bounse, hind paw cushion technology. The cushioning performance is first-class, the texture of the upper is also good enough, and the protection of the foot surface is not relaxed.

Lillard 3

Lillard 3

As a pair of practical shoes positioned in the mid-end market, Lillard III uses fabrics. But it is still worse than premknit on the foot. In cushioning, Lillard 3 uses a full palm bounce, which takes a certain amount of time to feel it. The texture of the outsole has no pressure on the plastic field, and it is non-slip and wear resistant.

Irving 3

Irving 3

The zoom unit of Owen 3’s back is still very feedback. But the shortcoming is that the cushioning is mainly based on this zoom. The forefoot is hard, but the design of the Velcro strap adds to the wrapping of the shoe. The texture of the outsole is very clear. There is no problem with slipping, and there is no problem in the slippery field of plastic. The large bottom grain has improved wear resistance.

Cheapest designer fashion sneakers

Lace Up Suede Sneakers Blue

$197.00 $98.50
  • EUR: € 86.91
  • GBP: £76.26

Mens Lace-Up Suede Sneakers Khaki

$270.00 $135.00
  • EUR: € 119.11
  • GBP: £104.52

Black High Top Leather Shoes For Men

$284.00 $137.00
  • EUR: € 120.87
  • GBP: £106.07

Men’s High-top Shoes Black Winter Sports Casual Match

$348.00 $169.00
  • EUR: € 149.11
  • GBP: £130.84

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