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1. When buying shoes, put the shoes in your hand and use your fingers to press the edge of the upper near the sole. Good leather, pressed parts, there will always be some small uneven distribution of wrinkles, but the quality of the cowhide is less wrinkles, the next bit of cowhide wrinkles more. After the finger is released, the wrinkles disappear on their own, and after the upper of the synthetic leather is pressed with a finger, some will not wrinkle, and some wrinkles will be evenly distributed.

2, high-quality cowhide is also very bright, but not as sinister as synthetic leather, as long as they master their respective characteristics, these two goods are not difficult to identify.

3, the shape of natural leather is irregular, the thickness is not uniform, the surface is often more or less, or light or heavy, there are some natural defects, the surface is smooth and meticulous. The synthetic leather has a uniform thickness, a smooth surface, no natural defects, and its pores and patterns are also uniform, and the leather is generally free of piles.

4, the surface of natural leather can see the pattern, the existence of pores, and uneven distribution, the animal fiber on the reverse side, the side section, the level is clearly identifiable, the lower layer has animal fibers, the leather fiber erected with the fingernails. There is a feeling of napping, and a small amount of fiber can also fall. The reverse side of the synthetic leather can be seen on the fabric, and there are no animal fibers on the side. Generally, the epidermis has no pores, but some have artificial fur pores, there are some obvious pores, some patterns are not obvious, or there are more regular artificial patterns, pores. It is also quite consistent.


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