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Red men’s casual shoes match what clothes

If you have a pair of red men’s casual shoes, there are three factors to consider in clothing matching:

1. It is best not to have more than three kinds of body colors;
2. Pay attention to the matching of different color systems: the same color system is usually safe. Neutral colors can be matched with warm colors and cold colors. The cold colors and warm colors should be careful. The collision of light and warm colors is acceptable. However, it is best not to show the warm and cold colors of the dark color at the same time, unless a stage effect is required;
3. Pay attention to the matching of shoes with the colors of the jacket, pants, and skirt: The color of the jacket can be the same as or similar to the color, or the color of the shoes is slightly darker or the same as the color of the pants. If you want to highlight the shoes, you can make the shoes brighter than the clothing.
Therefore, there are many clothing colors that can be matched with red shoes. They can be neutral white, gray, warm red, pink, rose, orange, yellow, etc., which color depends on personal preference.
In addition, because the style of shoes is casual, it is best to match the clothes with casual style.

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