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Prada Adidas Launches Prada Superstar

Prada adidas launches Prada Superstar

Prada Superstar, launched by Prada and adidas Originals, will be available worldwide on September 8. The joint shoes include three colors of black, black and white and silver.

Prada adidas launches Prada Superstar

Prada and Adidas are currently cooperating, including the iconic Superstar sneakers first launched in 1969, and Prada’s bowling bag for Adidas.

The first layer of cowhide, Italian production, handmade craftsmanship, and a tribute to the 50th anniversary of Superstar sneakers are the highlights, limited to 700 pieces.

It is sought after by fans all over the world, but there are also consumers who complain that the joint series has no innovation in design, only the Prada logo.

The joint model launched by both parties still retains the classic design of Superstar sneakers, with a total of three colors.

Emphasizing Italian manufacturing and craftsmanship, Prada and adidas Originals are printed on the tongue of the shoe.

It will be sold in Prada boutiques, Adidas flagship stores and designated retail channels around the world, and consumers can also purchase on the official website.

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