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fashion sneakers men


fashion sneakers for men

Fashion Sneaker

All style, no stress.

  • Dressed-up picks for all your party looks.
  • Dress from the feet up. Let your sandals take center stage with trending styles.
  • Meet Erez: The must-have everyday loafer. Refresh your work & casual closet today.


  • The fabric inside the shoes is waterproof,the pig skin pads use the blue pearlescent skill,the inner print OPP LOGO which is delicate and soft.


fashion casual sneakers

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Casual Shoes

  • Select the second layers of suede cowide strictly,compare with waterproof cloth,the texture is smooth and soft,it can resistant dirty too.
  • The brand logo in the side of shoes ,it is clear and smooth ,elegant and unmaladjusted.

Blue – Sneakers

  • Loyalty
  • Justice
  • Honesty

Red – Sneakers

  • Romance
  • Courage
  • Peace

Black – Sneakers

  • Serious
  • Solemn,
  • Calm

White – Sneakers

  • Freedom,
  • Truth,
  • Innocence

OPP France

OPP skillfully the concept of simplicity and fashion fusion
Product style rich philosophical connotation
Men of color, delicate, smooth, handsome, uninhibited is OPP


OPP is the eponymous designer O’Papillon and its partners in the Paris open joint designer designer brands.

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