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OPP 2021 Casual Shoes Style Sales Top 10

OPP 2021 Casual Shoes Style Sales Top 10

Casual Shoes Style Sales Top 10

The top 10 of OPP 2021 casual shoes style sales are released, and the OPP casual shoe list is supported by product data provided by the OPP sales platform. The products of major e-commerce platforms are sorted through the OPP store, and various strength data such as product price grade, popular sales volume, brand awareness, and user reputation evaluation are used as a reference.

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Casual shoes purchase knowledge

1. Canvas shoes and sneakers are long-lasting fashionable casual shoes. Not only can they be worn all year round, they are also fashionable and versatile. Casual wear, skirts, and cool jeans can be matched at will, not only reducing age but also It’s also more fashionable.

2. Casual shoes are the most common collocation for daily commuting. You can create a casual style without a lot of thought. Just match simple pants and tops. Avoid mediocrity, choose shirts and T-shirts with a little bit of color or check pattern. Such a simple daily wear is completed without any effort.

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3. The main features of business casual shoes are simple, comfortable, and meet people’s daily wear needs. The styles are mostly casual leather shoes, which can easily adapt to the needs of different occasions in work and life. They can be matched with casual trousers or styles. Jeans and shirts will do.

4. Sports and leisure shoes are more suitable for sports fitness or participating in outdoor activities. They have the functionality of sports shoes and the fashion of casual shoes. Even daily wear is possible. Of course, they should be breathable and durable. Mainly wear non-slip.

What are the casual shoes styles

1. Flat shoes

Not paying attention to style, having both quality and appearance, and constantly introducing brand-new designs, has become the first choice for people to go to work and go to the streets. Pink, burgundy, suede, black leather flat shoes have become the protagonist.
Flat shoes have a ladylike gentleness, and flat shoes have a comfortable slack. Comfortable shoes support your feet, but comfortable shoes are not necessarily the most beautiful shoes, just like ordinary life. In summer, there is also a pair of flat sandals in your wardrobe. When walking or shopping on the beach, they are definitely more friendly and friendly than high heels.

2. Running shoes

Refers to running shoes. According to the needs of biomechanics, running shoes can be divided into three categories: shock-absorbing running shoes, stable running shoes, and motion control running shoes. According to its functions, it is divided into 6 types (control action type, shock absorption type, stability type, competition type, off-road type, and leisure type). The shoe type can be divided into three types: straight type, semi-curved type, and curved type.

3. Basketball shoes

Namely SNEAKER, it also integrates sneaker lovers into the term SNEAKER, making SNEAKER have a broader definition. Basketball is a strenuous exercise. In order to cope with intense exercise, a pair of basketball shoes need to have good durability, support, stability, comfort and good shock absorption.  Shop casual shoes style for men

The difference between casual shoes and sports shoes

1. Design differences

Sports shoes are tailor-made for certain sports, and they are more functional, so they are relatively monotonous in appearance. Sports shoes generally feel strong, steady and soft, with many details that contain technological elements.
Casual shoes look comfortable and beautiful, revealing a touch of fashion.

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2. Material difference

Sports shoes also choose more wear-resistant materials for soles and uppers, and the interior is more comfortable, soft, and breathable. These are also designed for sports. The overall sole of sports shoes is much thicker than that of casual shoes, because the soles of sports shoes play a very critical role in promoting sports.
The soles of casual shoes are light and comfortable as the starting point. Most of the materials used are rubber, plastic, sponge, nylon, canvas, etc., and the air permeability is worse than that of sports shoes.

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3. Different uses

Sports shoes are designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of people participating in sports or traveling. The soles of sports shoes are different from ordinary leather shoes and rubber shoes. They are generally soft and elastic. Can play a certain buffer role. It can enhance elasticity during exercise, and some can prevent ankle injuries. Therefore, most people wear sports shoes when doing sports.
Casual shoes are mainly light and comfortable, suitable for hiking. Its sports performance is poor, but when wearing casual shoes for strenuous exercise, you may feel your feet uncomfortable or even break your feet, so be careful.

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