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OPP Designer Shoes Shopping Coupon

Our commitment to quality is driven by our passion for essential footwear, our precise attention to detail, and our admiration of iconic style. Every OPP France designer shoes is a creation by our team of skilled craftsmen.


The process begins by drawing directly onto the last – the shoe form – to create a design in three dimensions. Next, the design is transferred to paper to create the flat pattern from which all pieces of the upper are cut.


Top grade European leather hides are selected and carefully inspected. All pattern pieces are strategically arranged on the hides and the leather is cut. Lastly, all seams and lining are stitched.


The stitched upper pattern is carefully pulled over the last. Any folds or wrinkles in the leather are smoothed to perfection and the final shape is complete.


A firm and steady hand is needed to secure the sole to the bottom of the shoe. The shoemaker inspects the sole and cleans any residue.

Designer Shoes Shopping Coupons

Men’s Lace-up Sneakers Yellow

$277.00 $138.50
  • EUR: € 122.20
  • GBP: £107.23

Men’s Sneakers Breathable Suede Lace Up

$227.00 $113.50
  • EUR: € 100.14
  • GBP: £87.87

White Lace-up Leather Shoes For Men

$303.00 $151.50
  • EUR: € 133.67
  • GBP: £117.29

Black Casual Lace-up Shoes With Logo

$303.00 $151.50
  • EUR: € 133.67
  • GBP: £117.29

Rivet Round Toe Black Casual Shoes With Logo

$303.00 $151.50
  • EUR: € 133.67
  • GBP: £117.29

Men’s Casual Shoes Lace-up Leather Silver

$303.00 $151.50
  • EUR: € 133.67
  • GBP: £117.29