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Old Shoes – The Most Popular Style

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Old Shoes are the sneakers that middle-aged men of our father’s age like to wear. The complex design and chaos and order are the biggest characteristics of Old Sneakers!


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Balenciaga Triple S

In January of 2017, French fashion brand Balenciaga launched a pair of shoes unprecedented at the time-Balenciaga Triple S. The unique silhouette of the shoe body and the design of old leather and mesh material with a sense of retro, combined with a heavy outsole, it The emergence of many superstars and street-type people go crazy, which has brought a wave of old shoes.

With the Balenciaga Triple S fire, major luxury goods companies are vying to follow the trend. They have also joined this camp and have launched their own old shoes. It is bound to “share a piece of the pie in the field of old sneakers.”


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French fashion house Chanel

French fashion house Chanel, the new shoes for sale in the 2018 spring and summer series, including two styles of high-top and low-top, huge logo and bright contrast design, plus the appearance of cumbersome but not modern design is indeed a certain degree of subversion A traditional aesthetic. The layered upper and thick midsole create the taste of vintage old sneakers.


Gucci Old Shoes Rhyton Sneaker

Gucci’s Rhyton Sneaker, is inspired by the Renaissance. The main color of creamy white is wider and the design is very rich. The leather of the shoe body is specially made of ivory and added with old treatment, and printed with the Gucci logo as an embellishment , Full of age.

Louis Vuitton Archlight series

The veteran fashion house Louis Vuitton also launched its own shoes. The Archlight series design lines are very bold, especially in the design of the arch of the foot. The height directly occupies one-half of the height of the upper, which is very visually exaggerated. The pursuit of the ultimate retro, but rather a touch of the future.

Prada Old Shoes Cloudbust sneakers

The Italian luxury brand Prada’s Cloudbust sneakers are different from other shoes in that they don’t have a heavy feeling on the whole. They give people a brisk rhythm and fit the positioning of retro running shoes. The shoe body is only composed of rubber and woven materials, and the large-scale mesh upper has high air permeability. The word “Prada” is printed on the rubber shoes and soles, which combines the three elements of technology, street and sports. The Velcro on the shoe body not only has a sense of age but is also a unique logo of Prada shoes.

But there are tens of thousands of daddy shoes, it is true that not everyone can afford it, in fact, if you want to follow the trend, you still have many expensive daddy shoes to choose from!

Skechers cheap and affordable

Speaking of cost performance, Skechers is definitely synonymous with cheap and affordable in old shoes. With the popularity of this trend, Skechers “panda shoes” and “tire shoes” that were ridiculed 2-3 years ago are now young and trendy. A must-have item. As far as I know, Britney Spears has worn these shoes before!


Speaking of cheap daddy shoes, I have to talk about FILA DISRUPTOR. FILA DISRUPTOR, which was born in 1988 and was designed and released for women, launched the second-generation FILA DISRUPTOR 2 last year, with a zigzag-shaped super-thick sole with enhanced effect, an old shoe-style appearance, and a relatively low price. I believe it will definitely attract more attention from Clunky Sneakers.

Anta Daddy Shoes

Can be called the dark horse in the old sneakes, Anta’s pair is really cost-effective. The logo is cleverly integrated into the overall upper, and the shoe body uses a flexible striped material with leather, which greatly improves the texture of the pair of shoe. The shoe model is not reproduced and the logo is no longer forced to be implanted. The ANTA sale this time has made many sneakers change the brand a lot.

adidas Yung-1

The adidas Yung-1 is also a good choice as a cheap model, with a retro look with a rounded back and a pointed front. This retro running shoe is quite similar to the YEEZY BOOST 700 Wave Runner. The three bars on the side of the shoe and the clover LOGO on the tongue indicate its identity. The sharp silhouette of the shoe is also the essence of the retro Dad Sneakers!

Of course, there are many brands that launch dad shoes, so I won’t count them one by one here. This is how the trend is, constantly refreshing our perceptions. The tourist shoes that we once regarded as ugly and stupid turned around and returned to people’s vision, but it also coincided with the saying “fashion is a circle”, everything Things that were once popular will go around in this circle and be reinterpreted!

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