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Nike Adidas 5 most worth buying running shoes

Today I’m going to talk about the 5 pairs of Nike Adi’s most worth buying running shoes. Since they are worth buying, there must be a cost-effective element-but just that, Lao Wei is not Lao Wei. Among these 5 pairs of shoes, there are several pairs that can not only meet daily jogging, but also provide daily training at the same time.

(The following rankings are in no particular order)

① Nike infinity

The first thing to say is that infinity and Nike’s other pair of “epic” look very similar. But if I choose a pair from them, I would never choose epic.

Everyone is a react midsole, but as a pair of running shoes, epic’s outsole wearability fails. Infinity is different. While retaining the advantages of epic, it also strengthens the grip and wear resistance of the outsole, making infinity different from epic, which is a pair of normal running shoes.

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Advantages: good foot feeling, while cushioning, but also taking into account the support. You can jog, you can train and race horses.

Disadvantages: Because the midsole has a raised support design, some people think it is against the arch of the foot.

② Nike tempo Next%

Compared with the intense foot feeling of Alphafly and Vaporfly Next%, tempo is relatively milder. For many friends who still can’t control those two pairs, but want to try Next%, tempo is a more suitable choice.

Advantages: lower requirements for runners, replacing carbon board with fiberboard, the feedback of the midsole is smoother and gentler.

③ Adidas Boston 9

If you are looking for a pair of thin-soled running shoes with a gentle personality and strong compatibility and wide applicability, then the Boston 9 is definitely not to be missed.

Advantages: Adequate support design will not cause the arch of the foot to become sore and soft like other boost running shoes.

Disadvantages: Under racing, over training, there are better choices for rushing results.

④ Nike Winflo 7

In fact, with winflo’s 7th generation, its performance has been enhanced a lot. As long as we strengthen some configurations in any direction, winflo 7 will not lose to or even surpass Pegasus 36-unfortunately because of cost budget and product positioning issues, winflo 7 is still a bit worse than Pegasus 36 (but stronger than Pegasus 35)

Advantages: The price is really high, and it can adapt to many roads.

Disadvantages: The midsole is definitely much worse than React or Zoom X, but it is a good choice for jogging.

⑤ Adidas UB 19

Ultra Boost 19 has been out for some years, so the price is naturally more and more gratifying. The appearance is high, the feet feel good, and there are basically no shortcomings except that you can’t run too far.

Advantages: good looks and good foot feel, can take into account jogging and commuting, and has strong applicability.

Disadvantages: This shoe can’t run too far, the midsole supports almost meaning, 5 kilometers is no problem, and it will be weak if you go up.

The above is the 5 pairs of running shoes mentioned today. Some of them take into account sports and commuting, some take into account jogging and training, and some can also be selected as race days. The most important thing is that they are very cost-effective.

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