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Men’s sneakers with 5 types of shoes and clothing

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How can sneakers be handsome with various styles? A friend recently asked this question, and today I will share with you the theme of men’s sneakers shoes.

Sneakers were originally designed for sports, but nowadays they are not limited to sports, and all kinds of casual occasions, casual clothes, and even Western suits will not be very embarrassing.

fashion sneakers men

fashion sneakers men

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Hottest Men’s Casual Shoes Shop Now

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1. T-shirt + jeans + men’s sneakers

This match can be anyone, sometimes t-shirts into the waistband looks “mother”. Because you chose to repair (tight) body. You can choose a loose style to tie the waistband and pull loose.

2. T-shirt + casual pants + men’s sneakers

This set is easy to have a passerby style, so remember to dress self-cultivation, color matching and generous.

3. Shirt + Jeans + Sneakers

Boys who like to take the lightly mature route can choose to wear shirts (denim shirts, white shirts, blue shirts, work shirts, printed shirts … you choose).

4. Shirt + casual pants + sneakers

When you are familiar, you can also highlight your personality. Colder, remember to add a coat. (Jacket and suit are fine)

5. Suit suit + sneakers

Casual, mix and match, elegant, gentleman. Men over 30, at least have to come with a suit, it is inevitable that daily wear is too unsuitable, it is better to start with matching shoes.

Finally, mention cleaning and maintenance ~

1. Spray a small amount of collar cleanly, brush it with soft fur and softly after more than ten seconds, avoiding metal squints to prevent discoloration. (If there is a crack on the upper, don’t wipe it away.) If the fabric is PU or patent leather, wipe it with a damp cloth.

2. Rinse with warm water after cleaning, wipe off the moisture with a clean dry cotton cloth, wrap the shoe upper with toilet paper, and place in a cool place. Avoid yellowing! If there is yellowing, you can use soda with toothpaste and gently wipe with a soft bristle brush.

3. Always take care of yourself, do not expose to the sun; wash and store well.

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