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Men’s shoes color and style match with clothing to enhance image

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Although the color of men’s shoes is relatively single, there are still many choices. How to match the corresponding clothing according to the color of the shoes? Some inexperienced men are always confused. Once you make a mistake, although there will be no serious results, there is no doubt that the image is discounted.

It is always easy to insist on a uniform combination of colors. Black shoes with black trousers, brown shoes with tan chinos, although you will never make mistakes, they are extremely boring and unpleasant.

Some basic rules

Color matching is always easier to match than any multi-color.

Generally, darker tones are easier to match than lighter tones, and they are more versatile.

The dexterity is determined by the decoration and tone: black Derby shoes are easier to match than tan, but chocolate Oxford shoes can be more refined than the two.

Sports shoes and leather shoes follow different rules: white Oxford shoes are a bit strange, but white sneakers can be used with any item in your wardrobe.

If you wear bright shoes on your feet, match them with neutral colors elsewhere. If you are wearing a Hawaiian shirt, shoes with bold colors should be down.

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Black shoes

Black shoes are the safest and most reliable choice in any category. A pair of black Oxford shoes may be the most worn shoes in your shoe cabinet.

Whether you need a tie or just formal work shoes, black should be the first choice for a black suit. They also work well with gray or charcoal gray suits, especially in more formal offices.

Casual trousers are trickier. If you plan to wear black shoes and brown chinos, stick to a less formal style. Derby shoes look better than Oxford because they are a bit clumsy and more relaxed. The same goes for jeans. Oxford shoes will only be paired with very slim black jeans. If you insist on wearing dark jeans and black shoes, then it is best to choose something like Chelsea boots or Dr. Martens.

If you are the kind of person who likes colorful chinos, then suddenly changing into black shoes may feel a little heavy. You can reduce the impact by turning your trousers up for a while or even giving up socks, and make your shoes as neat as possible. Loafers are more popular than any shoes with laces.

Brown shoes

Brown shoes are also very forgiving. But in addition to black suits or tuxedos, brown shoes add personality, and the impression is not so dull.

The lighter the tone, the easier the look, especially if you also add details. For example, a pair of brown brogues is not as formal as Oxford shoes of the same tone.

In addition to suits, brown is also suitable for any color of denim, although you should be careful not to be too tight. Like a pair of jeans, there are at least two different color differences between the pants and the shoes, so as not to look like the lower body in a jumpsuit.

Darker brown looks great with indigo denim, and suede Chelsea boots are also perfect.

Black jeans and brown shoes are a minefield with different opinions. If you have any personal questions, it is not worth a try. However, if you are confident, as long as you stick to the shoes in a darker tone than tan, this seems to work. Again, boots are easier to put on and take off, especially Chelsea here.

Red shoes

Red can almost act as a neutral color. Although they are a bit bold, they are matched in almost the same way as brown. They tend to give you more character. Leather shoes do not mean too far from the comfort zone. Instead of choosing a luxurious style, it is better to match new colors to the contours you already wear every day.

Derby shoes are more versatile than Oxford shoes. You can pair them with a navy blue suit and wear them with jeans or chinos. That is, if you are wearing a suit, a pair of dark red Oxford shoes with Berluti style may give you a more diverse and unique way. They are especially suitable for your work or wedding.

Casual style provides more space. Dark red loafers are classics. From light-washed denim to tan, navy blue and even colorful chinos, they can be your first choice in summer. Put on the socks and pull up a part of the foot, which is fashionable and very attractive.

Blue shoes

Blue Although it is the main item of neutral color anywhere else in the wardrobe, the shiny blue leather looks a bit prohibitive. But once you step into a more casual style, blue is the perfect way to add personality to your appearance. Navy blue like suede matches well, and can even be worn as an unexpected color in black casual wear.

The raised fluff adds depth that leather does not have, which makes blue shoes look not flashy. As long as you don’t want to dress them too much, blue suede trousers and suits of any color can go well with them (as long as they are not black), and so are chinos, especially with shiny curls at the ankles.

Navy blue is still more casual, very suitable for desert and Chuka boots. Both styles look great with jeans. They are very rough, and they are good for going to restaurants or bars. However, be careful not to tie your shoes and pants too tightly. You can use a brighter color socks to complement the color, such as red.

White sneakers

They can be used with any suit, even with a black suit, although you’d better replace your shirt and tie with something like a roll neck or long-sleeved polo shirt, and match it with any jeans (from high-quality Japanese trim to broken Stone wash) all look good. The same goes for chinos, shorts, and parachute pants; whatever pants you have, white sneakers can be matched.

In addition, brand new white sneakers are suitable for matching suits, while worn ones are not suitable. To keep them in their original condition, please prepare Crep Protect spray for them, and then put some baby wipes in your bag or desk drawer so that they can be wiped clean at any time during the day.

Colorful sneakers

Colored sneakers only appear in gymnasiums. Now they have crawled from the street to the office. This is an eye-catching way to show your attraction to the latest hype and Nike brands. But all these colors greatly reduce their versatility. In fact, unless you can do some very advanced color matching, they can only be used in conjunction with neutral colors. Even so, you may be upset by biased bystanders, so you have to be psychologically prepared.

Because colorful sneakers are very casual, your wisest choice is to wear jeans (from white to washed to black), jogging pants (such as gray, black or navy) or chinos (tan and navy) Blue is the safest). If shoes are the brightest things in your clothing, then they will attract people’s attention. If you have too many other bright colors, people will not know where to look. Therefore, don’t show too many color patches. The primary and secondary contrast is very important.

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