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How To Match Loafers In Winter


Loafers are a very fashionable shoes, not only wild and classic style. Loafers by many consumers like, then we take a look at loafers in winter with how nice it ~

What is the Loafers?

Perhaps some friends do not know how loafers are, in fact, loafers Surely you’ve seen.
Carrefour is the kind of shoes, casual shoes, easy to wear off, usually no laces.
Loafers is casual shoes in the classic style, do not pick people and age, everyone is suited to wear Oh!


Loafers winter how match

With 01: bottoming shirt + tights + loafers + cape coat

In general, loafers are very wild, not only with what clothes are very nice.
Winter wear shirt with pants to one pair of loafers is a good choice.
Put on a coat of European and American style cloaks on the outside, adding a gas field.
The loafers style design tend shoes, even more advanced, with more coats gas field!

With 02: shirt + jeans + loafers + long trench coat

Loafers can have a variety of styles, not a single casual shoe styles, it can be very retro single shoes loafers.
Classic brown loafers with classic rolled jeans are also a good choice, so stylish and sophisticated! Matched bottoming shirt, put on a long coat, simply walking with the wind catch the foot.
Winter wear this style coexistence temperature! Some thick coat to choose Oh!

With 03: medium long coat + tight sports pants + loafers

In the winter coat is essential, but it south past few days the weather warms up a lot of Oh!
Black loafers simple and wild, with a black garment outfit, very thin atmosphere.
Long black coat with a white edge tight pants, matched with black loafers, the whole gives a casual yet fashionable feel –

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