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How to buy sheepskin shoes

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1, check the upper

First of all, check whether the material used for the (upper) of the shoes are genuine or not. The leather upper has a tight layer of skin and leather fiber on the cross section, and the artificial leather has no leather fiber, only cloth or synthetic material, and has the smell of chemical raw materials. High-quality qualified upper leather should be fine and bright, and the color of the same part should be the same, no color difference, no disability.

2, check the sole

The sole material mainly includes rubber, plastic, rubber and plastic materials, polyurethane, natural leather and the like. When purchasing, check whether the out sole is flat, whether the pattern is clear, and use the nail to lightly press the sole. It should be elastic, not too hard, and not peeling off. Otherwise, the sole has a low amount of glue, and the reclaimed rubber filler is excessively used, which is easy to break and is not durable.

3, check the heel

The heel is a detail part of the leather shoes. The high quality leather shoes should be installed firmly and flat, and the handcuffs should not be deformed or loosened. Medium and high-heeled shoes should pay attention to the quality of the heel. The shoes should be placed on the counter. It should be stable. The heel should be able to touch the table. The hand should not be shaken. The same height should be the same.


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