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How Do Men Match Shoes And Clothes?

How do men match shoes and clothes? Boys’ fashion attention is not so high, but the heat is also rising. It can be seen that the subject is a person who pays great attention to his image. His height and weight are also very good. He basically does not pick clothes, but also consults. Fashion wear, this shows that it is very demanding.
Seeing this kind of problem, I feel quite surprised!
Here, Kailin will share with you the perspectives that are more suitable for most boys’ daily learning. They are very casual.

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Sweater plus pants combination

The combination of sweaters and trousers is probably the most error-prone, and can be worn in autumn, winter and spring. Gray-blue, black and white sweaters are highly recommended. The simple letter logo style is generous and basic. Bottom pants with black and bean green are good. Don’t be too wide and too narrow, it’s best to not fit tight. Then the basic casual sneakers look great.

Long coat jeans with

In the autumn and winter seasons, it is also recommended that boys wear long coats. As long as they are not too fat, they will be very temperament. Like a dark blue horn buckle, it is a feeling of college seniors. The gray basic model is more inclined to daily commuting. Choose from a basic dark-knit sweater, paired with a shirt or a single one, and a choice of dark jeans.
Boys match, especially in autumn and winter, the choice is not all wrong. It is like a dark blue coat and a pair of jeans and bottoms. You can choose the same color, black coat is the same. If you want to add some highlights and layers to the color, you can make some changes on the inside or on the shoes.

Down jacket jeans sneakers

The black short-sleeved down jacket or bread-padded jacket is the male jacket with the highest frequency in winter. If you want to add some highlights and layers, you can wear accessories such as scarves. Or choose a different color sweater. Bottoms and basic jeans or gray straight pants are great. Shoes and sneakers are also recommended for casual shoes.
In addition to black, khaki or gray bread and cotton clothing is also recommended. It looks more fashionable, and you can also choose a color sweater with the same color of gray bean sand green. Bottoms with black basic straight pants for a more versatile feel.

Cotton sweater and white shoes wear stacked

The combination of cotton clothes and sweaters is highly recommended for boys to learn from. If your cotton suit does not have a hat, then it is recommended that you wear a hooded sweater, which is much more fashionable.
Or put a white T-shirt in the sweater, the hem is exposed, it can also increase the overall layering.
Trousers For everyday use, don’t choose too exaggerated or fancy styles. The basic straight style is great. Choosing a slim fit but not tight is the best way to optimize your leg proportions. White shoes are also essential shoes for boys, and versatile is not wrong.

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