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2020 Best High-top shoes recommended OPP France, Trendy and versatile

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High-top shoes recommended

The high-top shoes of spring, summer, autumn and winter are enough to watch this one!!.
Today this note will recommend OPP FRANCE high-top shoes to everyone, and tell everyone how high-top shoes should be matched with clothes.
Look down and hurry up with your fingers to save it ~

The season for changing shoes is coming. Many thin, low-top shoes are temporarily “laid off”. Because they are bloated in winter, they are more likely to attract everyone’s attention than in summer.
Because high-top shoes have better wrapping properties, they have a better warming effect and are necessary in winter. However, many people do not know what options they have when purchasing high-top shoes.
Many people think that high-top shoes are very short. In fact, high-top shoes are very versatile. As long as they are paired, they become handsome and trendy men in seconds.

Fashion High Top Shoes recommended

Fashion High Top Shoes

Designer famous brand fashion high top shoes and boots

Designer famous brand fashion high top shoes and boots

1. Slim pants instead of tights

If leggings are paired with high-top shoes, the legs will appear thick and short. And if you choose a slightly loose fit pants, it is just right, the legs will not be too big to cover high-top shoes, but it is more comfortable to wear than tight pants, is a good choice.

2. uniform color of pants and shoes

The matching of shoes and pants of the same color system has a visual extension effect, and the legs will appear particularly long. If the contrast between the pants and shoes is large, everyone’s eyes will be focused on the legs, which will expose the legs. Some disadvantages. Secondly, it is recommended to choose dark-colored trousers, which can also prevent others from focusing on the legs.

3. Don’t make the pants too long

Because high-top shoes are relatively high and cover the ankle, if the pants cover the upper, it will look bloated, especially short legs. Therefore, the length of the pants should not be too long.

4. Don’t make the jacket too long

Too long a coat will shorten the legs and make the legs appear short, so try not to make the coat too long.

The shoes I choose include AJ, which is very popular now, classic canvas shoes, and great yellow boots for winter. There are also many high-end high-end shoes in domestic shoes. So I hope I can give you some inspiration for choosing high-top shoes.

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