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GUCCI retro sneakers “old shoes” priced at $170

Among many fashion designs, old-fashioned effects are also very popular among designers. In recent years, retro style fashion has become popular, so fashion lovers have chosen to start with retro style items in response to the trend.
Recently, GUCCI has put on an “old shoe”. This sneaker is based on sneakers from the 1970s, with iconic red and green stripes embellishing the body. The unique old craft makes the shoe body look dirty and old after wearing it for a long time. However, it is precisely because of the “GUCCI” embellishment on the tongue and heel that these shoes can be priced at $870. Explore more designer sneakers.
The series is now available in GUCCI, available in three colors, don’t you know if you want to start with this pair of worn sneakers?

GUCCI retro sneakers "old shoes"

GUCCI retro sneakers "old shoes"

GUCCI retro sneakers "old shoes"

GUCCI “dirty shoes”, netizens classic complaints

Some people say that they spend a lot of money to dress themselves up as a tramp, and there are people who are rich in the ability to wear their shoes, so they spend money to make old shoes!
If you buy it, there is no need to maintain it because it is dirty enough! !
Don’t look at the dirty and worn-out shoes of this series, but the price is nothing less.
The all-white classic Ace with red and green ribbons originally cost less than 20,000 yuan, but the price soared after being dirty! But due to limited production, the price of later speculation is getting higher and higher!
The rich have no ability to wear old shoes
Even celebrities like it, celebrities wear these dirty shoes of GUCCI to attend the event
Attentive audiences discovered it right away, and it also caused heated discussions on the Internet!

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Although the shoes are so expensive, they are just a joke among the “poor people” after dinner. The money belongs to others, and how they want to spend it is their own business!


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