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The Fendi shoes show, which hosts a large party in Shanghai, attracted the fashion star of the fashion industry, Gong Li.

Gong Li

Gong Li

Gong Li’s elegant waist black dress, golden handbags and Fendi high heels are very good.

In the summer of 2019, the most popular Fendi women’s shoes, I hope you can find your own fashion style.

Fendi ballet flats


ballet Fendi shoes, a pair of soft sheepskin material made of ballet shoes, must be such a hollow Fendi ballet shoes.

Hollow mesh fabric is one of the most popular elements this summer.

Black and white labyrinth prints, Fendi’s most fashionable logo texture, leather stitching, also adds texture.



Fendi high heels colibri

boat-shaped high heels, elegant curved galvanized high heels, is the most eye-catching design.

Fendi Roma Amor Sandals


I really like the design of this shoe, different materials, the same color of the soft, deformed F letter to form the shape of the wings, visual inspection of the heel is more than 10cm.

Square head sandals with elasticated ribbons around the feet and a cushioned design at the heel.
This Fendi high heel features a rubber-embossed embossed pattern.
Detachable ankle buckle.
High-tech mesh fabric with a heat-sealed Lycra detail and red herringbone stitching.

Fendi’s Mania series continues the hot logo wind

The launch of the brand Fendi logo design elements series.

FF pattern is incorporated into the Fendi Mania collection. Mania series of shoes have rubber socks and sneakers.

Fendi's Mania series

Fendi’s Mania series



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