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Buying shoes in the winter, the warmth of the feet can not be ignored. How to choose a pair of street shoes that are not only warm and stylish in winter.

Let’s take a look at a few conditions that affect the warmth of the shoes:

Thermal barrier properties of the upper and the sole;

Uppers and shoes face the effect of warmth.
The outermost protective layer of the upper, the material and thickness affect the warmth of the shoes. Cotton shoes or boots are generally more than 1.5 mm or more thick to increase the warmth of the shoes.
Recommended materials are: grained cowhide, cow suede, top layer pigskin.
Leather materials have good water permeability, water absorption ratio of all aspects of equilibrium.
The inside of the shoe is usually made of long or short fluff. High-end cotton shoes are made of cashmere, and cashmere is better than ordinary artificial hair. The long velvet lining is relatively warmer than the short velvet. But be sure to choose a absorbing inner lining. The artificial fluff is relatively poor, the natural fluff is moderate, and the best is natural wool.

Effect of the thickness of the sole material warm:

Heat resistant soles have a great relationship with the material. Among them, the rubber sole has the best heat resistance, followed by polyurethane, TPR, and PVC. Therefore, the thicker the sole of the same material, the stronger the heat resistance.
The thickness of the sole prevents heat transfer from the shoe cavity to the outside and the ground temperature to the shoe. This will ensure that the heat in our shoe cavity is not easily lost, thus playing a role in keeping warm.

Effect of humidity on the warm chamber Shoes:

In winter, in addition to the material, the most important thing is to keep the inside of the shoe cavity dry. If the material is poorly water-absorbent, the heat released by the body will be absorbed by the water vapor. Therefore, this requires a waterproof and breathable material and water absorption. High-end shoes are mostly made of wool lining (fur one), and their water absorption performance is very good.

Style affects the warmth of the shoes:

In the choice of style, it is generally recommended between high-top shoes and low-top casual shoes. It is recommended to choose a medium-high boot, which will be significantly different from the low-cut, and the warm-up effect will be significantly better.

Reasonable wearing habits:

To maintain good habits of wearing shoes in winter, a pair of shoes can not be worn for a long time. It is recommended not to exceed three days. Store in a dry and ventilated place. Especially after wearing in rainy and snowy days, be sure to clean the upper and inner surfaces of the shoes, and put them in a dry and ventilated place before wearing them.

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