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The difference between AJ1 mid men’s shoes and women’s shoes

AJ1 mid men's shoes and women's shoes

AJ1 new love, 554724-035, is a double mid, women’s model, the result is only 7 shoelace holes, customer service said that men’s shoes are 8 holes, women’s shoes are 7 holes, is this flickering or true? Also, are there any women’s models on sale in these shoes?

AJ1 men’s and women’s appearance difference

Aj1 men’s shoes and women’s shoes are different in the outline of the shoes. It can be seen at a glance that men’s shoes are larger than women’s shoes. Aj1 men’s shoes are stiff and domineering in appearance. Women’s shoes are shaped. The sleek, low-top women’s shoes are smartly presented, and the overall feeling is cool and full of texture, which brings a visual balance to wear, so the appearance of the shoes is one of the differences between aj men’s shoes and women’s shoes.

The difference between quantity and style

In the style of shoes, aj1 men’s shoes and women’s shoes have engraved shoes, but there are fewer women’s shoes, because the representative of the shoes, Jordan, the style of the shoes itself is set according to Jordan, launched aj women’s shoes Very few, even if there is a replica version, so in terms of quantity and style, this is also the difference between aj men’s shoes and women’s shoes.

Difference between configuration and performance

In terms of the technical content of Nike shoes, men’s and women’s technologies are different, and their performance is slightly worse than men’s shoes. After all, AJ shoes are born for men’s actual combat, and women’s shoes are also configured based on women. The game technology and skills are reasonably implanted into the corresponding Nike technology, so the difference between men’s and women’s aj shoes also includes the configuration of men’s and women’s basketball shoes.

AJ1 points for high help, middle help, low help, 9 holes for high help, 8 holes for middle help, and 7 holes for low help.

OPP France Introduction

OPP France design shoes that cleverly combine simplicity with fashion.
Footwear and accessories design style gives a rich philosophical connotation.
Colored, delicate, smooth, handsome, unrestrained man is OPP.

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OPP is a joint designer brand opened by the same name designer O’Papillon and its partners in Paris.

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