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Designer Shoes How to Identify and How to Shop

In addition, OPP FRANCE designer shoes are also your best choice. After reading the article below to learn about OPP FRANCE, I suggest you buy cheap OPP fashion casual sneakers now.

most popular fashion shoes

most popular fashion shoes

Some time ago, the famous brand Balenciaga was exploded as a Chinese foundry product.

Make it difficult for netizens to accept,

What you do n’t know is,

Balenciaga, Asics, Converse, Nike, Adidas and other famous shoes are all Chinese foundries,

It is then shipped worldwide.

Designer shoes identification method One

Are Nike, Adidas and other famous shoes made in Germany or the United States?


Nike, Adidas, including Converse, ASICS, New Balance, Balenciaga, Vance and other famous brand shoes are produced in China’s OEM shoe factory.

Their brands place orders with the foundries, and after the production has reached the acceptance standards, they are shipped to counters or stores or shopping malls around the world for sales.

Designer shoes identification method two

Are there any differences between foundry company level, pure original, and cutting level?

Our domestic foundry area is barren, and the transportation is convenient, so it can be shipped to other parts of the world. So the brand comes here to OEM. Our Fujian children in the 1980s usually go to shoe factories to work in the teens, and girls are turning workers. , The man looks like this on the equipment assembly line.

It can be honestly said that company-level, pure-origin, and piece-level are also concepts created by people in our industry in recent years. Real shoes have only the difference between good and currency. Good goods are shoes produced by the same assembly line in the foundry. Currency is shoes produced by small family workshops. Of course, the equipment and turners are different.

Designer shoes identification method three

How to distinguish the good and the currency of Putian shoes?

Everyone wants to know the difference. Xiaochao is going to say a few things here.

First of all, price is key.

As the saying goes, a penny is a penny

Stop thinking about buying a hundred dollars for good.

Like the coconut 350V2 midsole boost cost, as well as the shoe body reflective material and knitted surface are high costs, so don’t be greedy for cheap and cause the starting shoes to not wear a few times when the soles collapse. Secondly, the turner should take a closer look. Like the hook of the Nike air cushion, it is usually embroidery. This is to see the tidyness of the embroidery hook and embroidery thread.

Designer shoes identification method four

How much can I buy reliable Putian tide shoes?

Some have spent thousands of dollars to buy Putian shoes,

Some buy them for a few hundred dollars.

Reliable sellers are the most important.

Then we have to find a good seller and first-hand terminal for many years, so that he has good shoes.

And there are channels to get shoes from the same batch of malls,

The price is still low.

The market is chaotic today,

Don’t be killed by high prices.

Designer shoes identification method five

Reliable seller selection is very important, how to look at it?

Starting to make shoes from about 15 years, I want my brothers to wear good shoes with good quality and affordable prices, so I insisted on making high-end shoes only 5 years ago, and now follow me to pick up shoes instead,

Always insist on the freedom to return shoes,

Retreat if you don’t like it,

Freedom to change shoes,

Big and small, change casually,

This is because when I made shoes from the factory, I knew that shoes are not other things. They are uncomfortable when they are large and small, and they must fit together. Therefore, these factors depend on the assessment of the seller.

Another example is how good the Air Force is to distinguish between shoes and currency. People in the industry will say to look at the leather. Generally, the top layer of leather is used, some of the air force is suede, and the second layer of leather is used by all people in the industry . There are many doorways, but following the reliable sellers, you don’t have to worry about choosing, it will help you check the quality of shoes and so on. There are more shoes problems that can be identified after the Xiaochao WeChat QR code is passed. Regarding shoe problems, some of the shoe experience that Xiaochao knows will definitely inform.

Also started from a factory in a shoe factory from a very young age. Later, he took shoes from the factory and made them himself. What he has been doing is good shoes. He does n’t do currency. Live, wear it!

Source terminal, marked price

Honest and reliable, quality assurance

Slightly different prices for different shoes.

OPP shoes are genuine,

But the quality of the foot feels the same as the quality of the counter.

They are all the same line of shoes.

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