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Is the brand shoe store the same as the online shopping product?

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Convenient online shopping has become a way of life for many people.
Online shopping is a purchase channel, but some people think that the quality is poor.
In fact, the prevalence of e-commerce, and then the way of life.
Today’s e-commerce has long been a platform that can only be a small workshop, a small brand, and a cottage.
It is the place where major brands compete to seize!

1. Is the e-commerce platform and physical store two quality?

Leather products. There may be problems with different cortical batches and different textures.
Clothes, shoes. There is no difference in the quality of formal brands. If the materials are different, there is no difference between re-production of different styles of shoes. That is to say, the cost is increased. This is not the brand that the profit-oriented brand is willing to do.

OPP France brand designer shoes do not deliberately distinguish between online and offline product quality. In store shopping designer shoes.

2. Is the quality of store sales higher than that of online stores?

Some models are only sold in stores, and some models are only sold on e-commerce platforms. More is a means for the brand to adopt online and offline layout and marketing strategies. Clothes and shoes of different styles and different price points are not suitable for comparison.
However, it is not excluded that some brands are “obscurable” before consumers buy. In the work and quality control of batch products sold exclusively for online stores, it is more relaxed.

3. Online store handles inventory intensively?

Any brand can’t guarantee that every product is sold out, what can I do if I can’t sell it? Squeeze in the warehouse?
Therefore, the anti-season promotion of the online store, the price discount is normal. Online stores process much faster than physical stores. Choose a better brand, whether online or offline.

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