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Alexander McQueen launches new shoes and LeBron James can’t stand it!

Alexander McQueen has launched a new sneaker.
However, the design of these shoes can be said to be even surprised by LeBron James.

Because James saw the shoes, he forwarded it on Twitter and said, “Isn’t this Nike Air Max 1?”
It’s true that from color matching to shoe type, it’s hard to see it at first glance with Air Max 1.
Learn or plagiarize, what do you think?

Alexander McQueen new sneakers

Alexander McQueen new sneakers

Alexander McQueen small white shoes true and false identification small method

1. tongue radians
Genuine tongue has a moderate length and beautiful curvature.

2. tongue LOGO
Authentic tongue, first grid of laces just reveals Alexander Mcqueen’s hot stamping LOGO, with clear writing.

3. Tongue buckle
Double-sided wiring on both sides of the tongue and buckle

4. tongue and toe junction
Authentic shoe tongue and toe joint, using a very uniform and dense double-layer cable

5. Inside of the tongue
Inside of the tongue is white sheepskin, the edge is gray and deer leather, soft and has the natural texture after the skin folds, the edges are narrow and uniform, the lines are even and the seams are flat.

6. Shoe number
Genuine serial number is a 6-digit serial number + shoe code. Note that the six-digit serial number should be the same as the serial number on the shoe box label.
The format of the number should be noted: the head of 3 is flat, the head of 4 is open, 0 is elongated, the head of 6 is straight, and the tail of 9 is straight.

7. Midsole
After the insole of the genuine McQueen shoes is uncovered, the midsole has ELGAD and the number of yards, and the surrounding is scattered nail marks.

Refer to the picture below:

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