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2020 AJ1 black and blue toes on sale in May

Although this year is the thirty-fifth anniversary of AJ1, the AJ1s that have been on sale since the beginning of the year have gone bankrupt. Both AJ1 black silk and AJ1 black and green have broken their hair.

In May, this pair of AJ1 with blue, white and black three colors will also be released. The blue, white and black three colors of AJ1 have always been popular in the AJ series. This pair of AJ1 blue and black toes released in 2020 this time Presented in pure OG tones, the texture and color scheme are quite attractive.

So what’s the difference between the AJ1’s blue-black toe and the several pairs of blue-white-black AJ1 previously released?

▼ First Year Royal Blue Air Jordan 1

Royal Blue AJ1, as the color of the first year, came out as early as the first year of 1985, and was re-engraved in 2001. When it was released, it was extremely popular. At that time, the shoes also soared to a very high price. Everyone’s “crazy” for blue and black color matching.

▼ Big Lightning Fragment Design x Air Jordan 1 Joint

Big Lightning Fragment Design x Air Jordan 1 joint debut in 2014, Fujiwara’s “Seal” blessing makes these shoes more popular, the price has also crossed the 2w mark, can be described as the highest premium pair before OW x AJ1 debut AJ1 color scheme.

▼ Small Lightning Air Jordan 1

The color of the small Lightning Air Jordan 1 released in 2018 is also quite popular, and it is quite close to Fujiwara Hiroshi in the color scheme, and its blue and white main color scheme also makes the shoes look fresh and pleasant, relying on close to Fujiwara Hiroshi’s lightning color The halo has attracted many enthusiasts.

▼ 2020 AJ1 Blue Black Toes

The AJ1 blue-black toe released this year is closer to Fujiwara’s lightning color scheme than the small lightning in the color scheme. The excellent texture of black leather combined with the blue toe cap makes the shoes perform very well. The addition of black makes the shoes much more stable and solid, which is a good color match for many boys.

The shoe uses a black and blue toe color scheme, the main black and blue toe cap, plus the white sideways, and finally the black and blue upper end is added, which is simple and crisp. The combination of blue and white is just right.

The eye-catching white flying wing logo is embellished on the collar, and the overall color scheme is full of OG temperament!

Below is a wave of AJ1 blue and black toes, let everyone appreciate the charm of this pair of shoes!

Saying that the dark-colored AJ1 is really good-looking and easy to put on, it can easily show a very high-quality texture.

It seems that the heat of these shoes will be very high, so do you think this color scheme will fail?

According to current information, the shoes will be available on May 10 for $ 170.

Air Jordan 1 High OG “Game Royal”

Release Date: May 10

Sale Price: $ 170

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